Answered By: Allison Ball
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A 'login failure' error most often results from an incorrect password. Multiple incorrect attempts may result in you being locked out of the system for a period of time. If your account is locked you will need to wait before attempting again.

These suggestions may help if you're experiencing a login failure error:

  1. Check that your username and password are correct.
    • Your username should not include 
    • Type your password into a word document, then try copying and pasting it into the password field
    • Ensure caps lock is off
  2. Check that you can access other accounts (e.g. your Seneca email).
  3. If your auto-fill option is turned on in your browser, check that it's updated with your current password.
  4. Clear your browser cache and try logging in again in a new browser.
    • First try CTRL+F5 (CMD+R on a Mac) to force a browser refresh.
    • If that doesn't work, clear the cache manually:
      • In most browsers, you can open the cache options by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
      • In Safari, use the shortcut CMD+OPT+E

If your password issues affect multiple services (not just library resources), please contact ITS.

If only library resources are affected, contact the library using this form.

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