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You must credit the source when using any type of image (e.g. artwork, graphics, photos, icons, charts, graphs, etc.). There are two options, and you must consult with your instructor to determine which option they require:

  1.       Formal APA or MLA citation: Each image is given a figure number and has a detailed citation underneath it. Instructions and examples are available in the APA or MLA guide.


With this type of citation you can include the citation in the notes section of the slide the image is on, put the information directly underneath the image, or add it to a slide at the end of the PowerPoint.


  1.       Basic Copyright requirements: This is a less formal way to cite and isn’t specific to one citation style. You must cite the source (where you got the information from) and the creator of the content (if available), for example, you could list the creator and provide the URL of the image.

With this type of citation you can list your sources in a slide at the end of the PowerPoint presentation, with in-text citations throughout your presentation as applicable. Another option is to  provide a print list of the sources you used to those attending your presentation. 


Whenever you are using copyrighted materials such as images, you must also make sure that they meet the conditions set out in section 29.21 of the Copyright Act. For more information, please visit:

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