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An in-text citation is a brief reference (often just an author's last name and a date or page number) made within the body of your essay that helps identify an idea's original source. They help to support your work with relevant research and give credit to original authors.

In-text citations often come at the end of a sentence and must have a matching reference at the end of the paper.

Here's an example of an in-text citation in APA style:

(Watson, 2012)

reference should provide complete information about a source and where it can be found. All references must have at least one paired in-text citation and are added at the end of your paper following a specific format. 

Here's a reference for the same in-text citation above in APA style:

Watson, J. (2012). Human caring science: A theory of nursing (2nd ed.).

          Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


The format of your citations and their references will depend on the citation style.You will likely be following either APA guidelines or MLA guidelines as identified by your instructor.

Navigate through our guides for more information and take a look at our sample papers for practical examples.

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