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If a faculty member has chosen a book as her or his course textbook and the students enrolled in that course are required to purchase the textbook, the faculty has the permission of the publisher to use the accompanying instructional and supplementary materials for that textbook in order to instruct the course.

Please see the list below for specific permissions and instructions of various textbook publishers regarding sharing or distribution. If the publisher or your use of the material is not listed here as being permitted by the publisher please contact us at We will make the appropriate arrangements to obtain the permissions required.

Publisher Permissions & Considerations

If an instructor has adopted the textbooks for their course and the students are expected to purchase the text, the instructor may use their discretion when using the accompanying materials for instructional purposes.

Gale Cengage   

The use of instructor's manuals for course instruction purposes is permitted. This includes projecting or posting content in electronic format for course presentation and printing for student instruction.


Only when the textbook is adopted and students are required to purchase it can faculty use the instruction materials at their discretion.

Fairchild Books   

Instructor resources can be used for educational purposes only. They can be re-posted online as needed as long as it is for education. The resources cannot be reproduced or sold.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

Faculty who have adopted manuals for their courses do have permission to use the material in the classroom.


Instructors who have adopted manuals for their courses can use the accompanying material as they wish.


Instructors who adopt the text are allowed to use and post all of the resources that come with the text.


Instructors can use the supplementary resources in the PowerPoint slides or on the course websites. They can distribute excerpts from the manuals but not whole chapters.


The use of the instructor's manuals for course instruction purposes is permitted. This includes projecting or posting content in electronic format for course presentation and printing for student instruction.


As long as the faculty have adopted the text they are free to use the instructional materials that accompany as they see fit.

Oxford University  Press                  

Allows use of accompanying instructional materials when the textbook is adopted for a course.


As long as the students have to purchase the related textbook, the instructor can use the instructional materials as they see fit.


Adoption of any text provides the instructor with legal permission for limited replication of any content assets found within the Instructor Support Materials.


The use of instruction materials for instructional purposes is permitted.


As long as the textbook that the resources are accompanying is adopted in a course, the faculty has the right to modify and distribute the instructor materials for the purpose of teaching their course.

* Information adapted with permission from Meaghan Shannon, Copyright Services Officer, Library & Media Services, Fanshawe College

Comments (2)

  1. What if the materials in the textbooks have errors and do not match the publisher's PowerPoint slides?
    by Kay on Nov 25, 2017.
  2. That is definitely an unfortunate situation. The professor should be informed immediately, they can then contact the publisher to report the errors, the publisher would likely issue an erratum. The professor should also report this to their liaison librarian who can pull the text from the library's collection to insert the errata.
    by Jenn Peters on Nov 27, 2017.

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