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It depends. As long as it's done for educational purposes, television programming can be shown in classrooms at the time of broadcast. TV programming purchased on DVD can also be shown in class under the educational exemption.

Recording live TV broadcasts to later play back in the classroom may be done with certain restrictions. Use this chart to help you decide if your recording can be shown.

Copying or Display Allowed?
Explanation and Examples
 Videos & TV

 News programs

 TV series, documentaries, films (as long as you have a legal copy)

√ Seneca Libraries’ thousands of DVDs and online educational videos

X Videos from personal user accounts (e.g., Netflix, iTunes) 

Faculty can show a television program or play a radio broadcast while it is being aired.

News programs or news commentaries can be taped and shown in class. You cannot tape TV series, documentaries, or films and show them in class without permission from the copyright holder.

Videos from personal collections can be shown as long as the copy is legal.

You cannot copy a work (e.g. burn a copy, convert to streaming) without permission from the copyright holder.

There is no technological protection measure preventing you from accessing the material

Please be aware that content from personal subscriptions such as Netflix can't be shown under the educational exemption due to licence restrictions.

​Can recorded television be uploaded to Blackboard?

It's possible, but every case is unique and requires individual fair dealing-related analysis from the Copyright team. Contact for more information.

What are the alternatives to live or recorded TV?

Consider using video content made available through our licensed databases such as Films on Demand, Kanopy, Curio, NFB, and McNabb Connolly in your courses. Videos from all of these may be shown in class and linked-to on MySeneca.

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