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Each book in the catalogue has holdings information that indicates location, call number (i.e. the book's "address" on the shelf), availability, loan length, and other details. If you need to find a book on the shelf, check its campus, collection (General Collection means its on our open shelves), and note the call number.


Screenshot of the holdings information for a book at Newnham

How do I find a book by call number?

To find a book on our open shelves, use its call number. Books are arranged by call number alphanumerically in ascending order.


Step 1: Look for the section indicated by the letters at the beginning of the call number. In this example, you would look for section BF. There are signs posted at the end of each shelving unit that indicate the range of call numbers that can be found on each shelf.

Step 2: Once you have narrowed it down by the letters, move on to the numbers. In this example, you would look for BF149. 

Step 3: Keep reading down the row of call numbers until you find the call number you are looking for. Read the decimal points the same way you would in math. In this example, you would look for BF149.P838.

Step 4: The last set of numbers is the publication date of the book. If two books have the same call number but different publication dates, they will be filed in chronological order (the older one will be on the left of the newer one). In this example, you would look for BF149.P838 2011.

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