Answered By: Dan Michniewicz
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The people at Career Cruising are okay with Seneca presenters using Career Cruising with prospective Seneca students. Access will depend on whether you are on-campus or off-campus:

If you’re with them on-campus (i.e. at Seneca), you are able to log into the Career Cruising link on the Seneca Libraries website because you are a Senecan with a Seneca username and password, but they are not. However if you tell them to go to instead, it will take them directly into the Career Cruising site. That URL will only work on-campus, because our access is IP-address-authenticated, not off-campus.

If you are off-campus, perhaps visiting a high school, go to Career Cruising’s public site either by Googling them or by going directly to

No matter which of the methods in the two paragraphs above you/they use to get in, that just gives you/them browsing ability in Career Cruising. You/they can also create their own ‘Plan’, which allows you/them to store information and login for later access, by clicking “Log In” and "Create My Plan", then using your/their own personal e-mail address to set up your/their own username and password as follows:



Once you/they do that, you/they can go to in the future and login anytime with the username and password you/they set up, thereby eliminating the need to go through Seneca’s site again.

It should be noted, though, that Career Cruising is already available to many of the prospective students you are likely to see, through public libraries and school boards. We’ve checked and Toronto Public Library, all of the public library systems in the municipalities of York Region (with the exception of Vaughan), as well as all four Public and Catholic Toronto and York Region school boards have Career Cruising available to their patrons and students. It would preferable --from a licensing perspective -- for them to go in and set themselves up in Career Cruising using those routes, with you, the Senecan, only using the above methods if all you want to do is show them what Career Cruising is all about.

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