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No, absolutely not.

Complete copying of a textbook violates Canadian copyright laws and Seneca College's Copyright Policy.

Faculty: We recommend you inform students at the beginning of each term that copied textbooks cannot be brought into class nor be used during an exam. If you become aware of a student using a photocopy of a textbook during the course of the term you should inform the student that the copied textbook cannot be brought to class.

Although alleged copyright material cannot be taken from the person without a proper investigation, the college has the right to prohibit the use of the material in-question until an investigation of the incident has been completed. Notify the Seneca Libraries Copyright Team, at, of the suspected infraction including the student's name, student number, title of the material in-question, author(s), and ISBN. Through the Student Conduct Centre a letter will be sent to the student informing him or her that this is a violation of the college's Copyright Policy and should not be repeated.

What's the difference between an eTextbook printout and an infringing photocopy of a textbook?

Some textbook publishers offer legitimate purchasers the option, through their website, of acquiring and using an eTextbook version of the title, which often includes the ability to print from it for personal use. These students may bring these eText printouts to your class. All eTextbooks print with a unique watermark on the page. Sometimes the purchaser's name is listed in the watermark.

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